Hope for Youngsville

This summer we (North Star Baptist Church) decided to do a church version of a staycation. “Hope for Youngsville” is our ministry to our town. The chief of police and the town manager accepted our offer to paint their buildings. When Tracy and I first asked them if there were any projects that we could do for them they said, “No.” Then we pointed out to the chief that his building needed a paint job. The Chief agreed but with the present economy was not able to do so. You should have seen his face when I explained that we were wanting to do the work and supply the materials. Needless to say we agreed to paint town hall, the police department, and the maintenance building.

The mission project was scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week. Thursday and Friday were scheduled as back up days for weather or other unforeseen events. We had several objectives for our home town mission trip: we wanted maximum participation of our membership, to build community awareness of our ministry, to cultivate a servant’s heart in our church’s DNA, to meet a community need, and to build church community.100_2382

Most of our membership could not get off work for all three days.   The church membership signed up for the two different shifts each day, 8-12 and 4-8. Only two of the church families were not able to participate. One had work and health conflicts, the other had work and school conflicts. Needless to say I was pleased with our people. We had guys who had worked all day in the heat show up at four and put another half day in on our project.

Not only did our people work, we grew closer. There is something about spending hours painting a wall with someone that promotes great conversations. They ranged across sports, theology, “Name that Country Tune,” fishing, and almost every other topic known to man (and woman).  This summer we have been using our Sunday nights to build the sense of church family. We alternate weeks between small group activities and church wide activities. Each week we have a devotional then engage in various games. It is funny to see grown ups playing dodge ball with the kids. This coming Sunday night we will be playing softball. Too often our congregations rush in and out of our services and never spend time together. Becoming a family requires shared  experiences. This week gave our people time to accomplish a project that benefited their community.

On Monday night we grilled hamburgers and had a cookout for the policemen. We scheduled the meal as the shifts changed so we had two shifts attending. As usual, we had some great food. At the end of the job the Chief asked if several of us could attend next week’s Town Board of Commissioners meeting. The board would like to officially thank us for the work we accomplished.  The Franklin Times carried a story last week and then another one this week on our church. There are presently five church plants in the Youngsville/ Wake Forest area. There are also several good churches. At the same time there are thousands of unchurched people. Hopefully, our ministry to the town of Youngsville has helped identify North Star as a church that is here to serve.

Jonathan is our minister of Worship,  Media, and Missions. He was responsible for the project.

Jonathan is our minister of Worship, Media, and Missions. He was responsible for the project.

Town Hall is on the left and the Police department on the right.

Town Hall is on the left and the Police Department on the right.


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