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Los Roques Venazuela

Los Roques, Venezuela, with Kat while cruising on the Wombat of Sydney

My formative years were spent traveling as an Army brat, and I joined the Army after high school to fly. I flew helicopters in Viet Nam. Two of my three older brothers were in Viet Nam at the same time I was. My call sign was Ghost Rider 54, “Peanuts.” The Ghost Riders were A/158th Aviation Battalion, 101st Airborne Div. Camp Evans. I was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during Lam Son 719. The unit is now the Night Stalkers, 160th Avn Company (Black Hawk Down aviation unit). I began my journey with Christ when I was nine, and was called to ministry over Laos during a hairy day of flying. I came home before my 20th birthday.

In college I met and married Kathy Kiser from Cheraw, SC. We spent twenty years in Alaska, working in ministry, public education, and commercial fishing (salmon and halibut). I had charter, outfitter, and tourism businesses. I spent a lot of money on kayaking, climbing, hunting , fishing, and snow skiing. I have served churches in Louisiana, Washington, Alaska, and North Carolina. We have three sons; Ashley, Adam, and Andrew. The boys are married to Sarah, Connie, and Amanda; and we have nine grandkids; Charlotte, Liam, Alister, Amos, Josiah,Isabella, Jamal, Tobias, and Banks.  I taught church planting and evangelism courses at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary from January 1999 to December 2007. I retired from full-time pastoral ministry  summer 2017, and since 2008 I have been serving with Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.  I am an Instructional Mentor and teach Discipleship, Evangelism, Church Planting, and Church Administration classes with Liberty Seminary’s On-line program.

I spend my free time bow and bird hunting, fly fishing, cycling, hiking, and flying with the Civil Air Patrol. I have taken black bear, mountain goat, moose, javelina, whitetail, and blacktail deer. I have fished throughout the U.S. and Canada, in South Africa, and Venezuela. I have served on the Board of Directors of God’s Great Outdoors, a ministry dedicated to reaching the millions of North Americans who are more passionate about the outdoors than Christ. My wife and I love to hike the trails of the North Carolina mountains. I am the Operations Officer, Maintenance Officer, and Deputy Commander for Seniors for NC-145. The CAP allows me opportunities to use my flying to build relationships with other pilots, and serve our community. So far I have flown post-hurricane aerial assessment missions and supported Army ATC school at Ft. Bragg.

A few years ago I realized two formative truths: The Army did a better job of teaching me what it meant to be a “real helicopter pilot” than the church did teaching me what it means to be a Christian; and, The Great Commission is about making disciples, not “praying a prayer.” Having been an outfitter in Alaska and a pastor, it is only natural to focus on OutfittingDisciples. For ease of maintenance and cost I have decided to close down my .com website and enter the blogoshere.

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