Target and Canada, What church planters can learn.

I ran across this article about Target’s closing its stores in Canada. Target had expanded into Canada just a year or so ago. They quickly failed. As I read this article it reminded me of some of the challenges of ministry in Alaska. On too many occasions, I had new arrivals from Outside (what Alaskans call everything else) tell me that they were disappointed they could not find a church “like back home” or “like Georgia” or wherever they use to live. After hearing that several times I tried to be nice, but finally succumbed to the Dark Side. From that time on I would usually say, “Then go back home.” When people would say, “Why don’t we do it like down south (again, meaning the Lower 48)?” My answer, “We are an Alaskan church. We don’t live down south.

You might find this article enlightening. Here is the address: