June 23-27   God’s Great Outdoors, Board of Directors Summer Meeting, Populus Lake, OntarioRushing WInds 4

June 27- July 3   Livingston, Montana. Working with Cody Wood and Paul Seddon, church planters, as they prepare for the Livingston Rodeo.

August 3-8  “Hope for Youngsville,” North Star Baptist Church’s ministry to our hometown.

September 16-20  Manteo, NC with Family

September 27 North Star Baptist Church Block party  – Beginning study of 1 & 2 Samuel on Sunday mornings.

October 9 & 10 Pendleton Street Baptist Church, Greenville, SC    Men’s Conference At Marriett Baptist Camp-  Friday Golf tournament/ Saturday Skeet Shoot. Bible studies in Ephesians

November 9-12 God’s Great Outdoors Archery Hunt- Wyoming County, WV with Gene Thorn- Whitetail deer wildlife biologist/ chaplain -Professional Bowhunters Association


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